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7. March 2024.

The Geothermal Energy Conference commenced with registration and an opening ceremony. Attendees were treated to a lecture on geothermal potential analyses by Željka Sladović from GeoDa Consulting. After a coffee break, sessions continued with presentations by Petroleum Engineer Vladimir Cazin and Željko Jurilj from GPC INSTRUMENTATION PROCESS, discussing the geothermal field in Zagreb, followed by Andrej Pleša from INA sharing insights on unlocking geothermal energy potential within the company.

A lunch break provided networking opportunities, followed by a panel discussion featuring experts from MINGOR (Jadranka Leško), TNO (Vedran Žiković) and EIHP (Tomislav Đurić). Another coffee break preceded a second panel discussion with representatives from INA (Andrej Pleša), CROSCO (Igor Kovačević), and FIKA ECO (Damir Zadravec), focusing on geothermal energy initiatives and strategies.

8. March 2024.

Day 2 of the Geothermal Energy Conference featured presentations on technological advancements and geological insights. Vedran Žiković from TNO discussed Geothermal well technology development, followed by Karlo Borko’s insights on Geological and Hydrogeological Conditions for UTES Application and Slovenian geothermal potential. Viktor Bestić explored the Parameterization of the Operation of a Geothermal Cogeneration Plant.


After a productive morning, attendees networked during a lunch break. The afternoon session began with Tomislav Đurić’s insights into Croatia’s geothermal landscape, followed by Katarina Mišić’s discussion on Structural Modelling of hydrothermal systems.

Following formal proceedings, participants had the opportunity to visit the Geothermal Field Zagreb – Mladost, offering hands-on exploration of geothermal infrastructure.

9. March 2024.

On the third day of the Geothermal Energy Conference, participants visited Veliko Korenovo just as the testing phase commenced. They witnessed water emerging from a depth of 1260 meters at 83°C, providing a firsthand experience of the geothermal operations in action. Results from Veliko Korenovo’s initial geothermal well surpassed expectations, highlighting the area’s potential.

The presentations are accessible exclusively to attendees of the Geothermal energy conference who have obtained access codes.





Special thanks to everyone who helped with the organization!


The conference will be held in the premises of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (Pierottijeva 6, Zagreb).

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